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If your marriage has been ravaged by adultery, porn, other marital problems, divorce, emotional abuse, mental abuse or verbal abuse, then allow Joel and Kathy Davisson to help you!
Joel was a Pastor in 1991 when he got into an affair. He then continued to abuse Kathy with spiritual abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse. Joel’s infidelity and continuing abuse almost caused a divorce.
In 1994, Joel and Kathy attended a week of training at Life Skills International with Dr. Paul Hegstrom. There they learned that Joel was an abusive husband. Their marriage restoration began immediately. In 2004, after ten years of living an extraordinarily happy marriage, God led the Davisson’s to write The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!
Now, through this marriage ministry, Joel and Kathy help couples with every type of marriage problems, such as: recovery from porn addiction, adultery, abuse and help for a myriad of other marital problems.
The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His Ministry includes marriage training opportunities and marriage support. This marital support includes marriage seminars, their signature Weekend Marriage Intensive, phone marriage counseling and personal marriage mentoring. The Weekend Marriage Intensive is a combination of marriage retreat, divorce prevention and a Marriage Workshop.
The Weekend Marriage Intensive Marriage Retreats conducted by Joel and Kathy have brought about remarriage after divorce, rekindling of romantic love, adultery recovery and recovery from every other kind of unfaithfulness in marriage.

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Joel and Kathy August 21, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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curt kimbeling March 29, 2010 at 3:38 am

i gotta ask,is this a real christian work,made a lot of sense,but i lost all aspect of hope along time a go,cant really tell anymore,what made u continue after all that?,curt

Anne April 25, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Dear Joel and Kathy,
I am a new member and I have been listening to the mentoring calls (with him)which has been a blessing.I would like like to know how to handle being in a marrige with a husband who is in total denial about his behavior?I have been exposed to him looking at porn,and having a 2 year emotional affair with a woman in CA. I have since forgiving him and refused to own up to ALL of the issues that this marriage has.God has been mericful enough to eveal to me of these exposures AND my part in this mess.Everytime I have been exposed to these things,he never admits it and turns it around on me.We’ve been through counselling and we are active in our church. He is very emotionally abusive. He does not admit that and gets very angry with me because I have been given this revelation that this is what it’s called.I grow weary of many Christian men leaving their wives unprotected and leaving us mentally in marriages so- called Godly marriages.It’s very discouraging.Please pray for us and feel free to give me Godly counsel.

Joel and Kathy May 23, 2010 at 3:02 pm

Hi Curt, We work with men who are in your shoes – whose wives want nothing to do with them. It is a specialized “men’s group” that meets three times per week on the phone. You get to speak up and we talk over your individual situation regularly – what you said, what she said, etc. Our goal is to help you win her heart back.

Hi Anne, We are glad you have been on the phone calls. We apologize that we did not realize that your question was here. By now, you should have gotten help on the calls? There are specific steps to take when a husband acts like yours does. If he has not yet read the book, put it in his hands, read it to him, whatever it takes. Then get help on our group calls and forum for the next steps. If you don’t have the forum information, send us an e-mail at joelandkathy4@aol.com We want to help you!

Davina Youngberg June 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Questions> What do you do if you are the wife, you said one person could work on the marriage and still make it work, but you make it sound like the man is the one to do it, so what is a wife to do if she feels like she is the one always working on the marriage and the husband feels there is nothing wrong, everything is great in his mind and the wife is the one hurting and it must be my (the wifes fault) I am told I am insecure many times by him which only makes the insurcurities worst. My husband works really hard and is a great guy, but I think things in our marriage could be better and I am the one always doing the work. Thanks for your help Davina

Lizette August 22, 2010 at 11:11 am

Hi there Joel and Kathy!

I’m a young theologian in South Africa, recently got married, and was appalled at the “Christian marriage” books we got as gifts. I started to think that all American popular ‘marriage theology’ was stuck in a non-contextual reading of certain texts that end up promoting one sided submission, respect and head-ship.

Coming across your book overjoyed me. I’m so glad that there are popular Chrisitan resources out there that actually take a more responsible reading of such texts! All of the best!

Jerry September 11, 2010 at 2:57 pm

OK, I’ve screwed EVERYTHING up. Over a 21 year period, I have visited porn on the net. And been caught. Had an affair (one time thing) got caught. Had my wife hack into our comapny email server and forward each of my emails to herself for 5 years. Had emotional fantasy type affairs via txt, phone, email. Mostly to see if I was still attractive to anyone and if my thoughts truly were as weird or outrageous as wife said. I have been menntally and emotionally abusive to my wife and kids. And physically abusive to my boys. I provided an amazing house and lifstyle for my famiyl and was in volved with my kids 7 days a week.

I sit here today after 21 years with a restraining order against me, no contact with her or the kids. And a wife who has hurt for years for spirutual leadership who has HAD ENOUGH. We both have lawyers. We have been court orderd to separate counseling with the same secular therapist. She announced this week through her lawyer that divorce papers would be coming. I have in my idle time done the twofold dichotomoy. I have both gotten back to prayer, quiet times and bible reading. But in other moments, I have looked at dating sites and emailed women there almost as a “backup plan”

I want more than anything my wife. She is gorgeous, the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. I am not just saying that. She IS. She is soft, kind, and hungered for years for my spiritual leadership. I saw her the other day at a school function and stoped dead in my tracks. I wanted to shout to anyone who could hear “Hey, look at Mary! Does she look GREAT or what! THAT’s my wife!” But of course, I had to slink out of the room, no contact allowed.

I am hurting. I am dying. How do I stop the porn diversion? How do I, with no contact allowed, get to her the message that I want to change. I want to go with her to one of your intensives? I WANT to apply the principles I read about on your site. I want to give myself to her and only her. But I also want her to open up emotionally. Spiritually. Mentally. Physically.

Where do I start? Download the books and the system? I am game but how if she files for divorce (I don’t understands the process, am in California) so I ever get the message to her about what I am doing? How do I break to a hardened heart that I am indeed trying to change?

Kar September 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm

How do you deal with a pastoral husband who abandons his family and does not even communicate with them?

Michael Grochowski October 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm

Joel and Kathy,
I have recenetly joined a mens support group as my wife and i have seperated.
My wife has said that she will not file for divorce for six months.
I am a wreck the past three weeks i have spent the time to read your first book and attend my mens group weekly.
I really wish i could speek directly to one of you as i truly love my and children and wish to save our marriage.
The group and men involved have been a great source of support but i am very unsure and would like perhaps more guidence and or assitance to help restore our marriage my daughter is 14 and devastated by the thought and my 6 year old son is in pain but not understanding fully of whats going on.
Your book has given me hope but not sleeping and feeling lifeless is a daily chalenge.

Please contact me via email or by phone as i would love to here the voice behind the words.

Michael @ 678-698-3967.

Rhonda November 4, 2010 at 5:38 pm

We do Christian counselor and coach training, and would like to use some of your information to give our counselors additional tools. Of course we will link to your website and give you full credit for any and all of your work.

God bless you for the great work you do.

Just another example of how God can turn someone’s mess into their message!

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