What Does a “Hero” Look Like? (Part 1)

by Joel & Kathy

How can you spot a real man? How can you spot a hero? Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says “Real men pray.’ Let me tell you something else that ‘REAL MEN’ do. They love their children’s mother. They treat her with respect and honor, valuing her. They put a high value upon her. A REAL MAN can show emotions. He can say “I love you” to his wife.

A REAL MAN can care how his wife feels and the hurts that she may have.

A REAL MAN cares about how he has treated his wife, owns up to his issues and apologizes.

A REAL MAN does not hide behind his work, his sports, his hobbies, his buddies, to avoid intimacy.

A REAL MAN loves to see his bride smile and wants to find more ways of making her smile, knowing the seeds he is sowing will come back to him.

Ultimately, a REAL MAN wins in the long run.

When he makes “it” all about her “first” then she in return, WILL make it all about him.

Here are a few ‘rare’ examples of what a ‘Hero’ looks like.

A ‘hero’ looks like “Jack” (yes, Jack Bauer. Smile) who came to our last “Intensive.” The testimony letters that you read above were from Jack and his wife, Mary.

Jack, who had been in adultery for 12 years and used drugs and alcohol, began to realize that either he was going to lose his family or be dead – one of the two.

By the time the “Intensive” was over, not only did he see himself, but saw what his lifestyle had done to his family. He saw the hurt, the pain, the mistrust and the insecurity it brought to his two beautiful daughters.

Jack and Mary didn’t know if they were going to be able to make it to the intensive, but both the girls told them that they needed to go.

A lot was riding on this weekend for those two girls, and they got their “miracle.” They got a father who was willing to stand up and be their ‘hero.’

A man who was willing to own up to his issues.

A man who was willing to take a stand and do what he needed to do to make things right.

He had to fix things with his family. He had made his wife look like the wicked witch in their eyes.

He had to apologize to his mother-in-law, and own up to the damage he had caused her daughter.

Here was a man, who had just become a man. He was willing to go home and tell his daughters, “everything is gonna be alright.”

That is a man, we can all be proud of and call a ‘hero.’ Thus the testimonies of his wife that you read above.

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