Christian Marriage Counseling – Why Most Methods Are a Waste of Time

by Joel & Kathy

Have you and your spouse become that couple that you promised yourself you would never become before you got married?

You’d easily recognize the couple we’re talking about. That couple that no one wants to be around because they’re constantly arguing. The kind where the couple is constantly frustrated.

The one where it’s obvious that someone is having an affair.

No one wants to admit it, but this type of couple is the majority. In the Christian church, we have a higher than 50% divorce rate.

It’s obvious that whatever we’ve been doing up to now hasn’t been working.

So what’s wrong?

Why, even though there are hundreds of books out there, even though there have been countless sermons spoken, and even though hundreds of thousands of hard-working counselors have spent massive amounts of time and energy trying to make things better, are Christian couples still finding it so hard to have marriages that work?

We’re going to get to that answer in just a second – and we promise that when you finally discover the simple truth that lies at the heart of every single successful Christian marriage, it’s going to completely transform your relationship forever.

But we don’t want to jump too far ahead. Yes, we’re going to reveal where you can find a complete and free resource for turning your marriage around no matter how bad it is, but first let’s talk about this for a minute.

This is the truth…

Traditional Christian marriage counseling just doesn’t work.

And you know what’s even worse? Traditional counseling is probably going to make your marriage even more likely to fail.

We realize many people aren’t going to be thrilled to hear that. No doubt you’ve given the traditional advice a chance – maybe you’re tried the “wife must submit to her husband plan,” or the “wife should respect her husband plan,” and perhaps even the “husband as servant leader plan.”

And still, it’s not working.

Fourteen years ago, our own marriage was headed for divorce. And although we followed all of the traditional advice, we were still headed down the slippery road to a failed marriage and ultimately divorce.

We couldn’t possible have saved our relationship if we hadn’t finally learned the truth.

Problem is, the advice that you’ve probably followed has been misinterpreted. Many of the things that traditional Christian marriage counselors teach simply isn’t right.

We’re not saying that all of these so-called experts are willfully misinforming the church. Most of them probably mean well in the end.

The real issue is that they’re operating under a set of faulty assumptions.

So, now we should talk about how to rescue your marriage by getting rid of these dangerous assumptions.

The first thing you must do now is claim our FREE DVD that we’re offering today. All of the details about that can be found right here.

You’re going to get immediate access — and results — from a full suite of tools, including video and audio instructions, as well as a downloadable PDF guide and, yes, a FREE DVD.

We both look forward to seeing you there.

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