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So we know what you need to make this partnership a success, and we will always be working to overdeliver on the tools we can provide to ensure this is a mutually profitable relationship.

Please read through everything here and take advantage of the tips provided.

Everything from the bare-bones basics (such as creating your affiliate link to to more advanced topics is covered here, and most of your questions are covered.

However, should something come up that isn't answered here, here's how to reach us:

Our Affiliate Manager is Chris Simeral ( Please feel free to contact him with any suggestions or questions you may have.

Also, if you are a Webmaster with a sizeable mailing list of people who you feel are a match for our products, please don't hesitate to contact Chris at the address above with your information.

First Things First: What are You Promoting, and How Much Can You Make?

The product offered for sale on this site is the most complete "Save Your Marriage" course offered for sale online anywhere.

We have already had bestselling books on, and we have thousands of couples who have read our books, watched our DVDs, listened to our audiobooks, attended our seminars, or met with us privately at our weekend Marriage Intensives.

In short, you're selling a proven package that WORKS -- that saves marriages and rescues families.

It's a product you can feel great about promoting, and that offers substantial financial rewards to affiliates who are willing to put the work in to promote it properly.

The Product: Save Our Christian Marriage "Marriage Miracle" Package, which includes:

- 2 full length e-books totaling more than 600 pages (these are NOT hastily thrown together "reports" that we're trying to pass off as "books." These are the genuine article. The print versions have achieved bestseller status on

- The full and unabridged audiobook versions of the books

- More than 8 hours of video instruction

- More than 15 additional hours of audio teaching and tutorials with actual couples in distress -- these are great case studies for many couples close to divorce!

- Lifetime access to our support letters, online marriage coaching forum, and three-times-per-week live marriage miracle teleseminars

No other product offers this level of interaction and support with customers -- not to mention all of the downloadable content the customer gains immediate access to when they make a purchase.

Price: $97.00

Affiliate Commission: 50% (Once Clickbank's fees are subtracted -- see "Getting Set Up to Get Paid" below -- this works out to just a shade under $45 per sale for you)

How Much Can You Make?
(Some Examples)
1 Sale per Day $1,300.00 /month
2 Sales per Day $2,600.00/month
5 Sales per Day $6,600.00/month
10 Sales per Day $13,200.00/month
20 Sales per Day $26,400.00/month

As you can see, an effective affiliate marketing campaign that drives visitors to could earn someone a comfortable full-time income relatively easily.

STEP 1: Getting Set Up to Get Paid

Our affiliate program is run through Clickbank, the largest distributor of online digital products in the world.

Clickbank acts as our payment processor and distributes commissions automatically to our affiliates.

The first thing you'll need, if you don't already have one, is a Clickbank ID.

Click here to register your account and get your Clickbank ID (link will open in a new window, so you won't lose your place here)

When you have your Clickbank ID, you must create a hoplink that will be used to link to

You must use the hoplink in order for Clickbank to record you as the affiliate and to earn your commission.

Your hoplink will look like this:

Replace XXXXX with your Clickbank ID and you're all set.

STEP 2: Register with Us for Access to Exclusive Affiliate Tools

Being able to communicate with you as we release new marketing tools (such as free videos, audios and PDFs) is VITAL to your success.

You will be able to give away this material FREE to your visitors, provided you use it only to promote our products. This is great free content -- not fluff.

We will also share keyword research and strategies, promotional ideas, tutorials and more.

Remember, this program was designed by a full-time affiliate marketer -- we want it to be as close to a dream program for you as it can get.

But to gain access to all of this, we need to know how to reach you.

Please fill out the form below to gain access to your affiliate marketing tools:

STEP 3: Start Promoting - Keywords

Our current product is geared towards couples worldwide who want to use Christian principles to save and restore their marriage.

You'll do best by targeting traffic and keywords that take advantage of this. General "marriage help" or "marriage counseling" keywords will also perform, but not as well as highly targeted traffic that is already looking for marriage help with a "Christian approach."

For example, some keywords you might consider include:

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Step 4: Use Our Free Tools

An easy way to promote the site is through our free videos.

The four videos below are on YouTube and can be embedded onto your webpages. They contain a "lower-third" URL with

If you would like to use these videos in an "unbranded" version -- i.e. without our URL appearing, please make sure to register as an affiliate above and you'll be given instructions for how to embed these unbranded videos on your webpages.

To embed the videos below, click on the link to go to the video on YouTube and copy the embed code as shown below.

Paste this code onto your pages to display the video on your site.

Video #1

Get the code here to embed this video on your site.

Video #2

Get the code here to embed this video on your site.

Video #3

Get the code here to embed this video on your site.

Video #4

Get the code here to embed this video on your site.

Step 5: Free Reprintable Articles, Reviews, and More!

We have many more tools coming for you in the coming weeks, including free articles you can use on your website, reviews of the product, and much more.

Please make sure to register with us above so that we can send these to you.